This section highlightsour work plan,

deliverables and tools.

Establishing Needs &

Developing TrainingTools

The objective: present a complete picture of all the existing solutions for training and support guidance offered in the field of prison education for adult learners that are in correctional setting, preparing for release or that are on their journey to adapt to the new community settings. It is divided into the following key activities:

  • PROTA Comparative Baseline Survey & Best practices
  • PROTA Decision Making Tool
  • PROTA VR Game for development of soft skills

The activities under this project result offer opportunities for adult educators (formal and nonformal) and senior digitally underskilled learners to upskill their digital competences in an inclusive and interactive way. It includes the following activities:

  • PROTA Teaching Method
  • A flexible online platform (OER) hosting the PROTA training course

Curriculum & Training